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St. Julian's Map


St Julians sea front at Spinola Bay
Photograph of St Julians sea front at Spinola Bay
Most of the terraces and many of the balconies are restaurants
Just left of the centre is a boat repair area
The road on the left leadsup the hill to the Paceville area of St Julian's


St. Julians Location

  • St. Julians is located immediately north of Sliema on Malta's eastern coast and includes the areas of:
    • Paceville pronounced Patchy ville
    • St Georges Bay
    • Spinola Bay
    • Portomaso
  • 8 km from Valletta


St. Julian's Description

  • A very popular resort for young singles, couples and the more mature.
  • St. Julian's also includes the areas of Paceville and St. George's which we have there separate pages
  • Paceville has a much livelier atmosphere and is Malta's nightlife capitol See Paceville nightlife




Spinola Gardens, Spinola Palace

Spinola Gardens

Photograph of the gardens at Spinola Palace, St. Julian's Malta

Spinola gardens are located half way up the steep hill between St. Julians and Paceville on the right of the main road. The gardens were part of Spinola Palace built for Ira Paolo Rafel Spinola, Grand Prior of Lombardy, in 1688 for public entertainment..


The garden to the rear of the Palace, i.e. the uphill gardens are open to the public.


Most of The Palace unfortunatly is closed to the public, but one section has opened as the L-Ghonnella Restaurant & Beer Garden. Dining is either in the vaulted basement, reputably the palace dungeons or on the garden patio Website



See Location of Spinola gardens & Spinola Palace on our Sliema Map 


Neptunes waterpolo pool

Neptunes waterpolo poolPhotographs of Neptunes water polo pitch

Neptunes waterpolo, Cavalieri Hotel in background

Neptunes water polo pitch in Baluta bay, a small bay in St. Julian's Bay. St. Julian's Malta


On the other side of the road on the corner is one of Malta's oldest pubs 'The City of London' a popular and friendly bar with inside and outside seating and tables. The pub has a pool table & internet access


Behind the pool is a promanade cafe and in the background on the far side of Spinola / St Julian's Bay the 'Cavalieri hotel'



See Location of Neptunes waterpolo pool on our Sliema Map 


Boat Yards Spinola Bay

Boat Yards Spinola Bay

Photograph of a boat being repaired at Spinola Bay, St. Julian's, Malta

At the end of Spinola Bay are some boat yards & boat houses under the restaurants.  If lucky you can watch repairs being performed on boats right next to the elevated pavement.


Most of the buildings on the left are restaurants, cafes and bars, all with excellent views of Spinola Bay. St. Julians extends all around the bay to just beyond the headland on the middle right, where Sliema starts.



See Location of Boat Yards on our Sliema Map 



Balluta Square & Balluta Building

Balluta Building
Balluta Building

Balluta Building


Photograph of the rather magnificent Balluta Building, although sadly rather neglected, located at Ballutta Square St. Julian's Malta. The building was built as a block of very upmarket apartments in


Ballutta Square


A pleasant Square with seatina, trees, a statue abbfe a drinking styled fountain. (Not drinking water) & a cafe.

Is located on the sea front in the south west corner of Balluta Bay part of the larger St Jilian'sBay. At the junction of Tower Road (Trig Il-Torri), George Borg Olivier Street (Trig Gorg Borg Olivier) & Manwel Dimech Street (Trig Manwel Dimech)


See Location of the Balluta Building on our Sliema Map 


St. Julian's Restaurants & Cuisine


A sea front restaurant at Spinola Bay , St. Julian's
A sea front restaurants at Spinola Bay , St. Julian's

Sumatra Restaurant - top right

Raffael Restaurant - bottom right

San Giuliano Restaurant - bottom left



List of Restaurants in St. Julian's with Map, photographs, description & information




Portomaso Tower

Photograph of the Portomaso Tower & Spinola Bay, part of St Julians Bay
Photograph of the Portomaso Tower & Spinola Bay, part of St Julians Bay

  • The tower in the background is the Portomaso Tower located near the Hilton hotel & Portomaso Marina a quieter area of the Paceville area of St. Julian's
  • The tower is the tallest building in Malta. It is also built on the top of the cliffs that enclose the marina
  • .On the sides of those cliffs has been built.on several levelsprestigious apartments, restaurants, bars & shops that add to the marinas charm. All are at the higher end of price ranges.

  • St. Julian's Bay is in the forground. The waterside building work has been completed.



See Location of Portomaso Tower on our Sliema Map 







St Julian's Seafront

  • Much of S. Julian's seafront is in three layers.
    • A bed of flatish rocks just above sea level with areas suitable for sunbathing & swimming
    • At a higher level you find a park, children's play areas toilets, and an occasional cafe.
    • At the top level is the promenade most of which is flat. In some areas the promenade is very wide with cafes and bars, in others a normal town centre pavement width.
    • Across the busy road are hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and private residences.
    • The road is well serviced by buses
  • Because most of St Julians is based around St Julians Bay, which includes the smaller bays, Spinola Bay, Balluta Bay and Exiles Bay the views are improved by the buildings at the far side of the bay.
  • Spinola Bay
    • Spinola Bay is quite a narrow bay and the Spinola side (Paceville) is lined with restaurants
    • At the head of the bay is an interesting and photogenic area where the fishermen pull out there boats onto a concrete platform and repair or paint them in the usual bright colours.
  • You will also find a lido - open air swimming pool and 2 water polo areas
  • Ensure you find Portomaso marina it's hidden away and not easy to see.  There are lifts or stairs down to the harbour from the the top of the hill near the Hilton hotel and the towering Portomaso Tower is also in the same area.


St Julians Beaches

  • There are no sandy beaches at St Julians.  Most of the shoreline consists of rocks with areas of fairly flat rocks that you can sunbathe on.  Swimming and snorkeling from the rocks is very popular. There are plenty of places where you can jump into deeper water to get into the sea, but ensure that there is somewhere to get out. Some rocks are very sharp. Also beware of the black sea urchins spines - they hurt and break off leaving there fine point in the skin which usually turns septic if not removed. We recommend wearing an old pair of light weight trainers or similar to assist in getting in or out of the sea


Shopping in St. Julians

  • The Bay Street shopping centre in St Georges bay is excellent
  • There are a selection of shops in the Paceville area.
  • Nearby Sliema is renowned for it's shops.


Nightlife in St Julian's

  • St. Julian's can be split into 2 areas central St. Julian's basically along the seafront, and Paceville. Paceville is an area of St Julian's on the northern side of St. Julian's, but it has an entirely different nightlife to that of St Julians as follows:
    • Paceville - Vibrant & energetic with loud music, for the young and young at heart
    • St Julian's -Has a very interesting and generally more sedate nightlife for those requiring a more relaxed nightlife
    • There are fair number of bars and clubs that are exceptions to the general description above in both areas.



Sports in St. Julian's

  • Scuba Diving for beginners and experienced divers is available from Diving schools along the sea front on Tower Road
  • Snorkeling in the sea
  • Many hotels & aparthotels have their own sporting facilities. See Hotel descriptions







St Julian's Bus Services & St Julian's Bus Routes

Photograph of a local bus on the waterfront main road, Tower road St. Julian's Malta


Frequent buses run allong the sea front road to Sliema & Valletta in one direction & up the hill into Paceville where some terminate & others carry on further north.


Buses are cheap and frequent along the St. Julian and Sliema sea fronts.  See St Julians bus routes


To display the busstop blue icons hover over Satellite (top right corner of map, & click on labels



See Location of Bus Stops (Blue bus Icon) & name of stop on our Sliema Map 



Plenty of buses run along St. Julians sea fronts going either to Valletta or further north on the island. 

Bus routes to Valletta 62, 64 to 68, 671

Bus routes to Paceville and most continue further North:  62, 64 to 68, 70, 627, 645, 652, 671

Details about  St. Julians bus routes   Malta bus services

Hotels in the St. Julians



More Photographs


Photograph of Spinola bay restaurants, cafes, bars and the waterfront, St. Julian's Malta

Photograph of Spinola bay restaurants, cafes, bars and the waterfront, St. Julian's Malta

Just behind the buildings at the top of the hill is Paceville Malta nightlife capital with lots of bars , clubs and discos

Photograph of the Spinola Waterfront, St. Julian's

Photograph of the Spinola Waterfront, St. Julian's, Malta

Another view of the restaurant area at Spinola Bay, you can see from there location why these restaurants are so popular.

Spinola -Bay waterfront Restaurants
Spinola -Bay waterfront Restaurants

Photograph of St. Julian's Malta

Photograph of St. Julian's Malta

A St Julian's promanade restaurant, and behind it the Barracuda Restaurant and Piccolo Padre Pizzeria restaurant.


Photograph of the Cavalieri Hotel, Spinola bay, St. Julian's Malta

Photograph of the Cavalieri Hotel, Spinola bay, St. Julian's Malta

The hotel Cavalieri has splendid views of Spinola bay, St Julians bay and St Julians waterfront.  Just to the right of the hotel round the corner is the entrance to Portomaso harbour


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Photograph on the right of the Cavalieri Hotel, Spinola bay, St. Julian's Malta

Photograph on the right of the Cavalieri Hotel, Spinola bay, St. Julian's Malta

The Hotel Cavalieri is on the right of the photograph.  Just beyond the hotel is the entrance to PortomasoHarbour. A Boat jetty is in the forground. The jetty also acts as a bit of a breakwater.