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Gozo Bus Services & Gozo Bus Routes


Public buses are grey with a red stripe


Victoria (Rabat) Bus Station


  • Victoria known locally as Rabat, the capital of Gozo is located in roughly in the centre of Gozo
  • Because most roads on Gozo radiate out from Victoria, like spokes on a wheel. Bus routes also radiate as well
  • The Bus Station is centrally located in Main Street, Victoria.


Bus Routes

Some bus routes have a section that is are a circular route, marked  One way route on the table below, to visit the largest number of villages. Check with the locals to see if the bus returns to Victoria on a different route a kind of bus one way system.


Villages Bus Routes
Dwejra for Azure window, Blue Hole, Fungus Rock & Inland sea 311 (Terminus)
Ghajnsielem 301, 303
Gharb 312 (One way route)
Ghasri 308 (One way route)
Kercem 313 (One way route)
Marsalforn 310
Mgarr (Ferry to Malta) 301,303, 322 Matches ferry timetable
Munxar 305, 306 (Both One way route)
Nadur 303, 304, 322
Sannat 305 (One way route)
St. Lawrence 311, 312 Both (One way routes)
St. Lucia 313 (One way route)
Ta' Pinu Church 308 (One way route)
Qala 303
Ramla for Ramla Bay 302, 322
Victoria All Gozo bus routes
Xaghra for Ggantija Temples 307, 322 (Possible One way routes)
Xewkija 301, 302, 323
Xlendi 306 (One way route)
Zebbug 309 (One way route)